5 Reasons You Should Be Following Your Passion

April 5, 2018





I know it's pretty cliche, but following your passion is a subject, no longer just for empty conversation at the water cooler...it's a guidance that so many are following, today. I'm no best-selling self help book author but I can share my truths and what I've discovered on my journey of following my passion. It doesn't solve all life's enigma's but it definitely tips the scales.


 I use my soul as my compass when it comes to building lasting relationships, meaning hobbies, and my intentional activities. Here's a few good reasons to get started.  


5 Reasons You




1. Enriching Life.

Money doesn't  solve problems, internally. Yes, it can relieve some financial stress...but haven't we all read about the celebrities that have it all and still struggle with depression, anxiety, and self-esteem issues. Life enrichment comes from appreciation, perspective, and mindset. Only you can give your life meaning and purpose but having a passion helps. By following your passion you'll have the opportunity to meet like-minded people, explore areas out of your comfort zone, and, typically, gain skills and/or education along the way. You may have many passions. I say explore, explore, explore!


2. Inspiring Others.

Oh, now this is definitely my area!

One of the first things I discovered when exploring photography (some years ago) was the inspiration generated from just doing what you love! It was my first year "playing" with my camera and I decided to make a Facebook page to share my view of the world behind the lens. Before I knew it, I had hundreds of people coming to my page to be inspired daily. This simple step is what led us all here. The Artistic Soul Community is an evolution of following my passion. I wouldn't change a thing! When following your passion, there is a fire that ignites in you. Others tend to follow the flame. Let them fan it!


3. Building Relationships

As you continue your journey, you're bound to make some soulful connections. I have met some purely AH-MAZING people on my journey. Becoming an inspirational blogger required me to come out of the shell and reach out to people that could help me along the way. Not only do I owe some huge favors to some great mentors, but I always try to pay it forward and do the same. If you see someone inspiring you, let them know. That interaction may start a lasting friendship or business relationship and most importantly, just the thing the other person needs to keep going.



4. Profiting Business


Let's tell the truth here. All roads to passion don't lead to riches. With the right work ethic and self disciple, a passion can pave the way to entrepreneurial ventures or even a prosperous side hustle. With the internet, social media applications, and mobile communications...the possibilities are pretty much endless to ways you can turn your passion into a ludacrutive business. Time to chase that dream!



5. Increasing Happiness.

I saved the best for last! Who wouldn't want an extra dose of happiness every now and then? Imagine adding that finishing touch to a project, clicking save for the last time on a file, or maybe walking across the stage hearing your family cheer. That satisfaction created from working through passion is unmatched! So what are you waiting for? Head to Michael's, click YouTube, join some Facebook groups, reach out to a friend already started...do whatever you need to take the first step. 



Don't take my word for it! Here's some advice some awesome sister friends. 



“As I get older I have found that I am much happier when I am doing what makes me happy or feeds my soul. IN my twenties I would apply to almost any job, get the job offer, ,make the money and then feel empty. WHY? Because they were not geared towards my purpose and passion. When you find the exact thing or things that fuel your passion, the money will come, the doors will open and the tribe as well.”


- Megan (Blogger):

Website: www.singlemomnthecity.com

“…don’t just focus on “chasing” a dream, when you can make e dream a reality. If you want that dream to come true, then you have to give it all you got to. Day in and day out. Even if it’s just one step a day, take the step. That will bring you one step closer. No one else can do it for you. The question that lies between should you or shouldn’t you chase the dream is “Do you really want it?”


- Alicia (Photographer)

Website: https://www.facebook.com/stilled.impressions.1​


“It is so important to follow your passion. We each have a purpose in life. That purpose gives birth to a passion and a drive to live out that purpose. To put this passion aside would be to live in opposition with who we are called to be.”


- Paula (Entrepreneur)

Business: Ceh Flora Gift Co

Website: www.CehFloraGifts.com







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