Small Business Spotlight: Bywh.o Designs

October 21, 2018

Business Owner: Michelle Perez

Business: Bywh.o Designs


♦ Tell us a little bit about you and your business.


10 years ago, I could not have predicted I’d be a designer. I taught myself Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom, I had tinkered around on photoshop for years, researched every design blog out there, and quickly built a semblance of a portfolio. I cringe when I think about my work from those early days.


In 2010, (or way before that) I started freelancing and in 2016 I established Bywh.o Designs. My path is probably very similar to that of many graphic designers. You like to draw for a living, you graduate from some sort of art artsy fartsy course / or school, you’re out and terrified, you’re desperate to find your own style / visual language, you sort of find it, you begin to work, your first works are terrible, you get better, you work more, one day you’re like “this is not too bad” and you feel kind of happy for what you’ve done, then you’re lost again, two days later you’re happy again, you struggle to get paid, you finally get paid.


♦ Where are you located? What areas do you serve?


I am located in Africa, Namibia. My services are open to the public from all around the world. I recently did a logo design for a client in Texas and South Peninsula, Cape Town.



♦ What’s makes your brand unique?


I’d like to think my “clean lines” and simplicity” design approach. Because in 10 years’ minimalist, simplicity designs is still going to look and be modern. Trust me. Don't fear white space.



♦ Are you following your passion?


Most Definitely, I’ve always been the art kid in the family. Some of my earliest memories have to do with being affirmed in my creativity. I’ve always known I was going to have some sort of artsy career.


♦ What tools to do use to inspire?


I love Instagram and 99Designs as they help me stay inspired and up to date with the latest design news, tips and tricks. Music. Photoshop. InDesign and Illustrator. Whatsapp Messenger are my preferred modes of communication.




♦ When did you fall in love with what you do? How long have been doing it?


I’ve been designing for 10 Years give or take a few.


♦ What sort of inspiration do you specialize in?


Minimalist and Simplicity. Oh and Curiosity fuels my personal projects.




♦ What do you do for fun?


I recently adopted an 8-week old African Grey parrot, along with our two furry friends back home, we just Netflix and chill. Adopting an African Grey can be a truly rewarding experience. These birds are among the most beautiful, intelligent, and vocal parrots available. If I’m not weaning my pets, I love to browse Instagram for inspiration on upcoming projects. I like to stay motivated. Observe. And Learn. Or I enjoy getting tattooed. I know it’s a bit out of the ordinary for the most of norm people, No matter what your reasoning, tattoos are a personal thing and a great way to celebrate your individuality.


♦ Who is some of your Top Inspiration, past or present?


99Designs is filled with talented designers, plus it’s the world's largest online graphic design marketplace.


♦ What are some of favorite inspirational/creative communities?


Dribble, Behance, Adobe Portfolio, Freelance Wisdom, C-Heads Magazine




♦ Do create other types of arts or crafts? What kind(s)?


Arts or Crafts? Not currently but I am working on launching my own beauty product.


♦ From where do you draw your inspiration daily?




Dailylogochallange (Today marks the end of my #50Dailylogochallange journey! Do a little dance)


Designspiration, ect

Next I would like to embarked on and complete the 100-day project titled “100 Days of Fonts” where you design, and published a vignette featuring free google font pairings every day for 100 days.




♦ What kind of workflow apps do use?


The only one in use of late is:

  • – A free and simple online invoice site for your business, it automatically calculates taxes and totals.


♦ What kinds of collaborations have you done recently?


In 2017, Literally Brand New/Bywh.o Designs was a Voting Prize Sponsor/Contributor @ The TopVendor Wedding Awards in South Africa. I look forward to taking part again in 2018.




♦ Do you work with any charities or special projects? Which ones? Shout them out.


Yes, I am involved in two charity / projects.


JMôreson Special School for the Cognitively Impaired - Môreson Special School for the Cognitively Impaired and DUN (Disability United Network).


This relationship with these Charities started in 2018. It’s good to know that disabled persons are connected to a huge network of supported individuals, all of whom agree that living with a disability is made much easier when you have access to the best and most reliable information, resources and connections.


In 2013, I volunteered at Tnamrock care foundation. The Foundation was established with the aim to eliminated baby dumping in Namibia. In 2013, August the foundation was currently assisting 17 mothers and have saved more than 10 babies from being dumped.




In 2017, a group of people, including myself went to Katutura “Dinosaur Land” to assist in donating and helping paint out the walls for the primary school. The collaborative charity project of Adonai Trust needed mattresses, paper for school work, soft toys, educational toys etc., we could see there was a lot of need for this particular school, it was a wise investment to help the school to be better equipped.




♦ What advice would give to your young influencers wanting to follow their

passion, today?


"Stop procrastinating, start doing and believe in yourself. Question the hell out of everything. Start small and build up at your own pace. It makes the rest of life so much easier."


♦ What tips would you give to our viewers in an inspirational rut?


Don’t be afraid to ask how others do things. Ask. Observe. Learn. The creative community is filled with generous people.




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