Small Business Spotlight with Tori Dany Designs

April 25, 2018

Photo Credit: Bow and Arrows Photography 

Business Owner: Victoria Dany Pedrano - Snow
Business Name: Tori Dany Designs | |

  • Tell us a little bit about you.

Hi, I’m Victoria! To start off, I’m a wife, mom, and creative. I like to consider myself a student of life who is forever learning and growing. I am the fashion designer behind Tori Dany Designs and the owner of the clothing boutique, Friends of Rose. I’m blessed to say that I found my passion at a young age. Fashion and art truly fuels me. Beyond that, I try to live everyday with purpose and do everything with intent.


  •  Are you following your passion?

I follow my passion every, single day. I wake up eager, and I’m proud to get the opportunity to do what I love. Turning my passion into my business has been one of the best ideas. To call it my own, is special.


  •  What tools to do use to inspire?

There are many things that I use to keep me inspired. I have come to realize, that human interaction and conversing with others about goals and dreams helps me stay motivated. Being in new atmospheres allows me to get me outside the box.


  • When did you fall in love with what you do? How long have been doing it?

I’ve been in love with fashion since I was young. I collected Teen Vogue magazines throughout middle school and high school and always awed over the different styles. But designing spawned from being around my grandmother. She still does seamstress work 'til this day! When I was in elementary school, my grandmother had her own boutique and sewing factory. Back then I would sketch and she would turn my drawings into reality. Now, with the skills acquired from her, I can do it all myself!


Photo Credit: Susan Lundmark Photography

  • What do you do for fun?

I love spending quality time with my husband. He’s badass, has a heart of gold, and even more creative than I am. Exploring the unknown with him is very exciting to me. Whether it be in the city or in nature. Experiencing new things helps me not stay stagnant in life.


  • What or who got you started in your creative/inspirational medium?

I must give credit to my grandmother and mother. My grandmother is the most innovative seamstress there is, and my mother has a great sense of style. Us combined would be an amazing power team. Hmmm… that’s a great idea! I’ll be working on that. 


  • Who is some of your Top Inspiration, past or present?

I’m embarrassed to say that in my early high school days, I really enjoyed Betsey Johnson and Harajuku Lovers. This is the opposite of what my style is now. But the reason why I think I enjoyed their fashion so much back then, was because it was so eclectic. Currently, Virgil Abloh, Rei Kawakubo, European and Asian streetwear has been on my radar.


Photo Credit: Rachel Graham Photography 

  • What are some of favorite inspirational/creative communities?

Being a Seattleite, but living in military base in North Dakota, I keep communication with creatives over Facebook. I am a part of the Babetown Collective Seattle, Seattle Girl Bosses, and the Rising Tide Society’s Tuesdays Together.


  • Do create other types of arts or crafts? What kind(s)?

My husband and I just started a production company, Studio 7117. It’s special because our marriage date is incorporated into our business name. We want people to know that we work together as a unit and everything that we do is around love! Creating moments with others and documenting it gives us joy. Our work can be checked out here


  • How do you balance your personal/family and passion?

Family comes first. I am learning how to balance it all as we speak. Raising a child and working from home can be overwhelming. I absolutely love watching my son grow and witnessing all his milestones. My husband is my number one supporter and having good, quality time with him and my little one fuels me to continue to do what I love. Once I realize that passion is jeopardizing my personal life, that means I must change focus and nurture what matters.



  • From where do you draw your inspiration daily?

My phone is a blessing and a curse! I get inspired every day from different podcasts, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. I’m able to discover what people are creating all over the world. I wish I could find inspiration in more organic ways so that I’m not always glued to my phone.


Photo Credit: Studio 7117

  • What kind of workflow apps do use?

I live by Asana, Evernote, Honeybook, and Planoly. They make my life so easy.



  • What kinds of collaborations have you done recently (Share Links)?

I am in the industry of community over competition. I love collaboration efforts because it allows me to learn from talented individuals but also, I can contribute to something greater beyond my own capacity.

  1. Boho Wedding Styled Shoot – Fashion Designer + Model shoot

  2. Whimsical Styled Shoot – Creative Director + Fashion Designer


  • Do you work with any charities or special projects? Which ones? Shout them out.

I support the YWCA and other non profits that help women and children in need.


Photo Credit: Thais Photography


  • What advice would give to your young influencers wanting to follow their passion, today?

Try everything! Dip your toes in whatever you can and put yourself out there. Surround yourself with people with passion. You never know where life can lead you.




  • What tips would you give to our viewers in an inspirational rut?

Write things down. Write your goals and then say them out loud. Keep talking about it and tell others!
Eventually, you’ll have to hold yourself accountable, and do it. Think it, say it, do it.


Trust the process. It’s going to be a bumpy ride, but everything that has happened has lead you to where you



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