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Inspiring the World

Our humble journey began as an inspirational photography community/blog, (The Artistic Tog). Founded by a soulful photographer...passionate about inspiring everyone from amateur to professional creatives. As the project and audience grew, we began to realize we had bound ourselves to only one type of inspiration.

Instead of closing, we decided to REINVENT it...and The Artistic Soul Community was born.

The Artistic Soul Community is all about embracing every part of your creativity. We welcome all artists and recently have welcomed small shops and small businesses to come collaborate and promote their products with us.

We are helping to change the positive, artful message at a time. We feature artists and small businesses in hopes of inspiring our audience to learn, grow, dream big, and achieve their goals. We are passionate about helping others and charities. 

The Artistic Soul was created as an inspirational community for all artists to connect, create, and collaborate; but more importantly, share our love for art. We feature artists around the world on and our Facebook Page.

Looking to meet other creatives starting businesses and side hustles? Click the "Connect" button.