Thursday, September 14, 2017

Tips for Photographing Newborns

1. Communicating with Parents

I find this is especially important with first-time parents who might be a little more nervous about someone they do not know handling and photographing their newborn. I have learned, however, that eerie family is different. Some are more laid back, some aren't (and that's ok!).

I let them know multiple times that this photo shoot is on their baby's schedule and if their baby needs to be changed or fed, to please feed or change them. Happy babies make for better photos!

I also let mothers know that if their baby is getting fussy and they want to pick them up to not hesitate to pick them up even if we are in the middle of photographing.. I want the mothers to be as comfortable as possible with my process.

I also have a client questionnaire to get to know my clients better prior to their session and this helps me get to know them and their personalities.

2. Warmth

If it is summer, ask your clients to turn off or turn down the a/c. Newborns can get cold very quickly so this will help them to be content. If it is winter, ask them to have the heat turned up a few degrees during the session.

3. Your Angle

When photographing a newborn always angle your shot down their face (from nose to chin). Also always place their head toward your light source (in most cases, a window) so that they do not have funny shadows going up their face.

4. Details

Toes, fingers, eyelashes, and my new favorite- belly button or umbilical stump! Make sure to capture all the details for their parents. These little things change so quickly and the photos will be sure to end up in the baby book.

5. Session Scheduling

I prefer to photograph newborns within two weeks of their birth date. The earlier, the better. Babies are very sleepy their first week of life and this makes the photo session go very smoothly. Right around three weeks, most newborns go through a sleep pattern change and/or a growth spurt and might not be as calm or sleepy during their session.

Since due dates are an estimated date, I tell my families that book with me that I have their due date on the calendar and to contact me after their baby is born so we can schedule their session. I usually only take 3-4 newborn sessions any given month just to ensure I will have availability for scheduling once they are born.

I hope you find these tips helpful for your newborn clients!

Love and Light, Erika

Erika Venci Photography is an award-winning lifestyle and portrait artist in Columbus, Ohio


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