Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Let the Kids Be

What do I tell parents that are afraid their children will be uncooperative during a photography session? Well, "Don't worry. Kids will be kids." because they will be and it's OK.

They will be fun and vibrant upon meeting someone new...
but the second they are 'done', they will let us all know :) 
And, that's OK... We will still keep going.

 Sometimes, when children see me focusing on (paying attention to) someone other than them, they'll become willing to participate again.

As a photographer (and a mother) you just have to let the kids be...

Then their true character shines through, and with that comes amazing images worthy of frames.

So, Mom & Dads... no worries for your next session. Your photographer will capture amazing moments & portraits for you ;)

Until next time, 


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