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Artist Interview with Katy from Katy Webb Photography

Artist Interview
with Katy of

Tell us a little bit about you.

In a nutshell...I’m mum to four beautiful, crazy kids; 11-year-old twins, Joseph and Megan, 5-year-old Noah and 4-year-old Matilda, a wife and a photographer with a passion (obsession) for natural light! We live in the South of France after taking a risk and jumping head first into a new adventure 18 months ago and leaving behind a life in wet and windy Wales.

When did you fall in love with photography? 

How long have been a photographer? What or who got you started in photography?

I picked up my first camera when I was 12 after my parents bought me a Minolta film camera, I would spend hours each week with my Dad in the local dark room, eagerly developing my photos, but I don’t think I truly fell in love with photography until my youngest daughter was born, four years ago. I picked up my Dads camera and have never looked back...I can’t imagine life without it.

What sort of work do you specialize in?/ Do you create personal work often?

I specialize in natural, documentary photography. I am passionate about capturing moments, when your laughing, smiling, dancing, playing like no one is watching! This style of photography is important to me for a couple of reasons; struggling a little with self-confidence in unfamiliar surroundings being the first. This always worried me when I took my first steps into wedding photography…everything I read told me that to be a successful photographer you must be the life and soul of the party! This is something I am definitely not! But I knew there was something I could do…which is when I discovered ‘documentary style’. It meant I could be me! The second is because it means I can capture a moment… to be able to pause life for a second and keep it forever. What else can I ask for?

Personal work

If I’m not photographing a wedding then I am photographing my children –
doing absolutely anything and everything! This is all down to simply wanting to remember every single thing! I take my camera wherever I can and try to tell the story of their day.

Fave Artists past and/or present

Ooh, where to start!!? There are lots of favorite artists that I love and they are all so varied, but I would say my top three favorites are:

Past - Mary Ellen Mark, I love the raw emotion in every one of her images.

* My Captured Life, with every image you’re made to feel that you are right
there with them.
* Two Mann Studios/Manns Around the World – their images are always
unique, they have this amazing ability to capture every memorable moment.

How often do you get in front of the camera?

Not as often as I should. So recently I have been handing over my camera to my twins, which means not only am I in the photos more often but I also get to see life through their eyes.

What are some of the favorite photographer communities?

Of course, The Artistic Soul – having a constant stream of amazing talent to hand is all any photographer needs.

Beyond the Wanderlust – I love this community because it welcomes
everyone. I don’t always have the confidence to contribute, but here you’re made to feel welcome. It’s a great resource too!

Print or Digital? Why?

PRINT! Put your beautiful art work on the wall…or in a box. Wherever…just
print them!

Do create other types of art? What kind(s)?

I love to draw, I share this hobby with my daughter, Megan
How do you balance your personal/family and passion?
We do it together. When I travel for weddings my family come with me, it’s an adventure for us all. From where do you draw your inspiration? I think the most mundane everyday things can give you inspiration. There have been so many times where I’ve thought about leaving my camera behind because I’ve shot the kids at the park 100 times, but then there’s always something new that will inspire you to really see and create. 

What's your best digital resource?

Phlearn is an amazing resource for Photoshop; I love to watch his tutorials for fun. Flickr is also another great resource; you can also connect with photographers from all over the world.

If you could go back in time, what advice would give to your younger
photographer self, today?

Have confidence in yourself and don’t worry too much about what other photographers are doing or how they are doing it.

What tips would you give to Artsies reading this in an inspirational rut?

I felt like this at the end of 2016. It had been a while since my last wedding and the time between picking up my camera went from being days to weeks. I felt completely lost and didn’t know where to start. But then I reminded myself of why I fell in love with photography...because of the freedom to be me. So it didn’t really matter what I was shooting, just as long as I was. I think the best advice is to just shoot! Shoot every day and you’ll remember
why you loved it.

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