Friday, June 30, 2017

Why You Need a Photographer Bestie

Being passionate about photography can leave you little time for many other things like making new friends but there are some awesome perks to finding your photographer bestie

1. You need someone who you trust but who isn't afraid to give you constructive criticism.

As creatives, we only learn and grow when we are able to have an objective eye when it comes to our art. It's easy to see your work with rose colored glasses. Having someone who cares about your work and who you can trust to give it to you straight is so important. Plus, they help you see things from a different perspective. I love bouncing ideas off of my friends who have a completely different shooting style than I do.  They always help me see things in new and interesting ways.

2. Because we have our own language!  

Let's face it if you are doing this gig it's because you love it. You want to learn everything about it and you could sit and talk about it for hours, pretty much anytime.....anywhere and you need someone who can speak the same language. You can only expect your partner and/or non-tog friends to be able to sit through a conversation about aperture and Kelvin every so often. Having a photographer bestie means you can reach out to someone when you just want to have a deep conversation about your love for a good bokeh. :)

3. They are your endless cheerleader.

If you are anything like me, you can sometimes get caught up in the creative ruts and ego fails. Honestly,  those are pretty much inevitable with this gig. They may be necessary to grow and evolve as an artist but they can suck. You need someone who is rooting for you and can remind you why those ruts are necessary. They will also help you refocus on what is important, like maybe a new creative project to help pull you out of that rut.

4. They will let you push your creative boundaries and try out your awesomely weird ideas on them.

Being an artist we usually have some off the wall ideas or visions that can sometimes be difficult to create all by ourselves (like the time I almost burned my house down trying to create a self-portrait idea). A Tog friend knows how important it is to push those creative boundaries and they are usually down to play around with you to help you make it a reality.

5. They always have your back

Whether it is jumping in to help you second shoot a wedding, or lending you a lens to test out before you drop a mortgage payment on purchasing your own. They know the struggle of running a business and they know how a little help goes a long way. They are always going to be your go-to when you just can't handle it all by yourself. There's nothing better than knowing you have someone to lean on when you need it.


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