Sunday, June 11, 2017

Photographer: What I Really Do

I'm sure we've all seen this meme go around the internet. 

There are a couple truths to this meme, but the reality is there is WAY more that photographers really do and I'm going to help you understand what that is.
We listen to our client’s vision and figure out how to make it happen.

    I had a client that had a vision in her mind of what she wanted for her family’s Fall session.  She envisioned white picket fence, straw bales, and beautiful backdrop. That doesn’t sound hard, right? It truly wasn’t. To be honest, the hardest part was finding straw bales for a reasonable price, since this session was going to be designed to fit only her needs.  Guess what? I found them.  I bought 5 for $20.

I was also lucky enough that I knew the perfect location… My own yard!  So, the money I spent for the straw bales I now saved in gas driving to a location. Yay!
We help make sure our Clients are comfortable with their wardrobe choices.

     Sometimes, a client will know exactly what to wear to their session.

There are times, when a client will ask for your opinion, and I’m always willing to help. Not only do I want to make sure they have photos they are proud to display, but I also want to have photos that I’m proud to take!   So I will work hard to help my clients in their search for finding outfits that coordinate perfectly to each other.

We make those visions a reality.

    By listening to our clients and helping them with their wardrobe we’ve, hopefully, exceeded all of their expectations for their finished photos.

And you’re most likely getting messages like this as a result…

Besides the fact that I love photography, these responses are what makes my heart happy.

But that’s not all. There are other things that go on behind the scenes, and after the session.  Editing!
I’m going to let you see a peek of what I do for my clients. I will admit, I’ve been thrown some curve-balls at locations and that can make editing a little challenging.

The first, and slightly worst, sun light! 
Photographers use the phrase “Harsh light” because that is what it is. It’s harsh.  It can shed too much light on a subject or it can leave faces dark, hidden in the shadows.  I try not to shoot in the middle of the day because of this. However, living in a sunny & beach state, that wouldn’t leave very much time of the day to have photo sessions. So I’ve been using certain editing styles to help enhance photos that have been taken during harsh lights.

The next issue that some locations present is artificial light! 

 Ooh, artificial light is a killer for photos.  It casts this orange or yellow hue on photos and sometimes it’s easier to convert into a black & white photo (I’ll talk more about that later). While changing to a black & white image is easy, sometimes you really want to preserve the real colors taken in the photo. So time is spent adjusting the white balance to return the image to that glorious lustre that is not orange or yellow. LOL.

Now I’m going to talk about black & white images.
Sometimes the loss of color truly brings out the emotion of a photo. It leaves you less distracted by the colors of the image but focused on the actual subjects of the image. A really good black & white image usually turns out to be my favorite from the set.

Perfect Exposure

Even when the photo is perfectly beautiful straight out the camera... Sometimes an enhancement on the colors already in the image is all that is needed for that extra Oomph.

These are just a few of the ways photographers, including myself, enhance or correct your images.  A lot of time is taken to make sure you are given the best quality of images.  You’re paying us for a service. 
However, you’re not just paying your photographer to take your picture. You’re paying for them to create your story, for the time they spend away from their families to be with yours, for the time spent making sure your best story is told, and you should have full confidence in us to steer you to beautiful images.  Our images of you speak for us and our business. I, personally, want you to absolutely love them.  <3

I take such pride in the images I deliver. I’m thankful for every single one of my clients! 

Until next time!