Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Finding Inspiration: Photography Projects

I try to pick up my camera as much as possible, but like the rest of us, life sometimes gets in the way. To make sure your camera doesn't collect dust, consider creating or joining a photography project. Some popular personal projects include A Day in the Life (documenting your everyday for 24 hours), a 365 Project (shooting everyday for a year) or a 52 Project (shooting once a week).

Last year I ran a 52 Project on Facebook for fellow photographers. Each week we had a theme and posted images in a private Facebook group. The women in this group kept me motivated, and I was truly blessed for the chance to know such talented photographers and wonderful people. A member of that group, Emily Hamson of Lavender and Lime Photography has created a very fun challenge called "Building a Rainbow." I will post more photos at the end of the month when the project is complete, but I've become so excited about participating that I'm constantly brainstorming ideas! The challenge is to shoot a color of the rainbow each day throughout the month of March.

In addition, here is a list of a few themes we used in our P52 group. You could utilize these for your projects or just as inspirational prompts:

  • Something I never photographed before     
  • Minimalist
  • Target/grocery store photoshoot
  • Art inspired
  • Street photography
  • Panning
  • View from above
  • Chiaroscuro
  • Out of focus
  • Macro
  • Backlighting
  • Dappled light
  • The written word
  • My everyday
  • A storytelling image                                                            

During one of my favorite weeks we all edited the same SOOC image! It was truly remarkable to see our different processing styles and how we each made the image uniquely ours. I've included some photos taken throughout the project. It wasn't always easy keeping up with the prompts, especially when we were relocating to a new state, but the process was very rewarding! After your project is complete you can use the images to create wall art (I definitely plan on doing that once I finish the "Building a Rainbow" project!), albums, or simply add the new images to your portfolio. 


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