Friday, February 24, 2017

What I Learned from 50 Days of Daily Photography

At the beginning of each year, most of us make resolutions. I would like to be more with my family, spend more time outdoors or anything of that sorts. This year, I decided to embark on my first 365 documenting my family, life, kids and everything else around me that inspires me. That motivates me to pick up my camera and keep shooting.

If you are currently working on a 365, project 52 or anything that requires you to shoot daily, I would love to hear from you and what inspires you to pick up your camera.

Jan 1, 2017 - 1/365




Week 7 - Days 44 - 50/365

50 days in for 365 and here are a few things I have learned about my own life and about my new 365 project. You can also find all my days documented on my blog here - My project 365

a) Shooting daily - It is extremely hard to pick up your camera daily. It is. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. There will be housework, office if you are working full-time like I do, kids, cooking meals and plenty of other daily duties that take your time away and need your attention. Despite all that, see if you can pick up your camera and shoot what made you laugh that day. What made you giggle. What you want to remember. Just one photograph. It's okay to not be technically perfect.

b) It's okay to miss a day - Shooting daily does give you a new perspective on your own daily life. What you chose to omit from documenting along with what you want to remember. Although the purpose of documenting daily is exactly that, it is OKAY to miss a day. I have cheated a few days when I was down with a fever and did not want anything to do touching my camera. You are not doing this to score points with anyone, but to document your own life. It is important to remember that.

c) Try and experiment with something new to get out of a rut - Shooting daily opens up a wide range of possibilities of experimenting something new. Think about various ways to document something and going beyond the basic rules in photography. However. when you are feeling totally uninspired, go back to the basics. The past few weeks, it has been pouring down outside and we could not get to the outside. I decided to take some portraits of the kids. Plain and simple. They made goofy faces and I documented all of that.

d) There are certain things I want to be private about - The best part of memory keeping is you choose to keep what you want to keep. You do not have to keep the parts you do not like or want to. You want to fill your thoughts with good stuff. Then, make sure to document it that way. I want to remember the good and the tough parts of motherhood, my kid's tantrums and all of that. But there are certainly some parts I want to keep private or rather not dwell upon.

Memory keeping, scrap booking and using photographs to document parts of my life I want to remember is a beautiful feeling. I want to hold on to those memories. Asking the kids to work on the memory books and decorate/paint/color them with you as they please keeps them involved and makes it, even more, fun! 315 more days to go for my 365 :)

Do you have something you are working on this year? A new project or a something amazing you have experimented in photography or through another medium of art? I would love to hear about it!


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