Friday, February 24, 2017

To The Mama Trying to Find Time to Have Family Photos Taken

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To The Mama Trying to Find Time to Have Family Photos Taken,

You and me, we have a lot in common. We are both moms which mean we are everything to everyone. Trying to balance everything perfectly. School pickups, soccer practice, running from here to there Every. Single. Day. Always putting everyone's needs before our own. It's a beautiful job but it often takes all that we have to get it done.

I feel you, when you are at home after a long day, sitting with your babies all cuddled up beside you on the sofa. Your arms wrapped around them and you know you should just cherish every ounce of that moment but you keep thinking in the back of your mind that the laundry still has to be started or tomorrow's lunches have to be made. Then you see a friend's post on FB with her new family photos and you think “How has it already been so long since our last family photo?” so you add it to the endless list of To Dos running through your mind.

But booking a photo session just seems like so much extra stress. Some days you can barely get the kids ready and out the door, in the morning so the thought of trying to plan a photo session, pick out the perfect outfits, decide on a location, finding the best photographer just seems so tedious.  And let's not even mention worrying about how things will go the day of your session. I mean, your kids are awesome but they are just kids and let's be real, photo sessions don't tend to be high on their list of fun activities.

And you know yourself, you always plan to get the photos printed. You really do. You swear you'll get around to organizing everything into a photo album or ordering that beautiful gallery wall for your family room. It will happen one of these days. But your CD of images just ends up just sitting in your desk drawer where you find it every few months and remind yourself of one more thing that you need to get done and you're really going to do it this time, but then a little voice calls your name again so you quickly move on to the next thing that requires your attention.

In the meantime, you rely on your phone to replace a photographer. I get it, I'm guilty of it too but when you scroll through your pictures there is rarely a photo where you AND your little one are in the same shot. And you tell yourself that its ok because your hair hasn't been washed in some embarrassing # of days (as seen in my personal images below) and you're still trying to lose those last 10, 15, 20 pounds. I see you because I am you. But it's not ok. It's so not ok. These photos are not just for us. These are for our babies. When all they have left are photos I promise you they won't care what you weighed or if your hair was just right they will look at these photos and immediately hear the sound of your laughter and remember exactly how loved they felt when they were near you.

 Photo sessions should not be stressful. You shouldn't think about your session and worry. You should think about how awesome it is going to be to spend time just enjoying your family. You should have someone who will help you plan everything down to your outfits and even take care of helping you plan the best ways to display your images in your home exactly as you always wanted. Your only responsibility during your session is to be present with your family. To laugh, cuddle, play, (and sometimes I even make you dance a little.) You can relax knowing that these fleeting moments where your little ones still fit in your arms will be captured forever. Because I see moments differently. I see moments the way a storyteller would and that is how I want to capture them for you. So after our time together your home will be filled with the images that truly tell your story as a family. After all isn't that what family photos are all about? Telling your story in a way that allows you to cherish it forever.

 You've waited long enough. When you are ready to have your story told, call me. I'd love to chat.

Truly, Becci
Becci Ravera Photography Roseville Sacramento and Northern CA Photographer Family and Newborn Lifestyle Photographer


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