Saturday, December 10, 2016

Coloring for Adults

Coloring for adults

Yes, I have to admit I’m one of these adults that are addicted to coloring… Am I ashamed? No! 

A year or 2 back I saw it on the news… a new trend began, coloring for adults. On the news?! Yes, it was on the news because it was so big that stores were sold out of pencils and books. I was laughing at that moment, it looked so lame and nerdy. I was one of these women that thought it was a waste of time and that couldn’t be fun at all. 

A few months later I talked with a friend of my and she told me her new hobby was so relaxing and creative… coloring for adults. She told me about the books and all these different pencils and markers with so much passion till I was curious. And that moment was the moment that it went wrong. I start to search on the internet, saw awesome books and examples what everyone did and a few days later I went to the store… I bought my first book and a few cheaper pencils and started right away that day. I noticed after an hour that I didn’t think about anything else than the coloring. Wow, that was new! My mind is always busy with all kind of things and now it was shut down. 
So all these people were right about it, coloring is relaxing!!

Before I started with this new hobby my evenings were pretty much nothing more than watching television and scrolling up and down on the newsfeed of Facebook and editing photos. Nothing creative about that. 

There is only one thing that you should know before you start. You can start with one book but if you enter another store you see different books and buy another one. The week after you see that amazing deal online and buy again a new book. And in no time you will have tons of books, calendars, agendas and postcards to color. 

And then you start to follow these drawers on Facebook and Instagram, they show you every week their newest work and announcements about the new book that you must have of course. This community is huge!!
And don’t forget all the tutorials on youtube with different pencils than you have. It looks so nice and easy with these pencils… And you start to google again and join Facebook groups. Ohhh there are a lot of people that have these pencils. Should I buy them too? And that’s problem number 2 after a lot of tutorials and advice of others you buy the other pencils, markers, pastels and so on. 

I’m now almost 1 yeara coloring addict and I own 44 books, 4 sets of different pencils, 2 sets of markers, 3 sets of gel pens, 1 set glitter pens, 1 set pastels, blenders, different kind of sharpeners, erasers, water brushes and so on and on. Do I use it all? Yes! I use them all. Do I have enough? Well, that depend on who you are asking, if you ask my husband he will tell you yes she had more than enough. But of you ask me I will tell you I’m not done with this addiction. 

So if you are still doubting about this and wondering if you want to start coloring, go to a 1 $ shop and buy a nice cheap book and some pencils and start, you will know in a short time if this is your new addiction. 

If you want to see more work of other go to Instagram and search on #Coloringforadults or #Adultcoloring


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