Thursday, November 17, 2016

How to start with Lensbaby

How to start with Lensbaby

Now after a few years and all the activity on the internet almost every photographer heard of Lensbaby. If not Lensbaby is a producer of creative lenses for photo cameras. The lenses that they create are different from other lenses. Every lens or optic has their own kind of creativity and results.

The difference between a normal lens and a Lensbaby lens is the sweet spot that Lensbaby creates. The sweet spot is the focus point at the photo and around the focus point you will have blur or bokeh. With a wide open aperture you have a small sweet spot and with a small aperture you have a big sweet spot. Next to that the Lensbaby is a tilt lens. So if you bend or tilt the lens you move the sweet spot.  Lensbaby’s don’t have an auto focus! And you can’t shoot on this Automatic setting on your camera! It’s all manual! 

After all these years there are a lot of these lenses and optics and they are still creating new ones.

  • Composer pro
  • Composer pro 2
  • Muse
  • Spark
  • Scout
  • Control freak
  • Velvet56 (lens)
  • Circular Fisheye (lens)
  • Sweet50 Optic
  • Sweet35 Optic
  • Edge50 Optic
  • Edge80 Optic
  • Twist60 Optic
  • Soft Focus Optic
  • Plastic optic
  • Double Glass Optic
  • Single Glass Optic
  • Pinhole Optic
  • Fisheye Optic
  • Macro Filters
  • Macro converters
  • Creative apertures
  • Tele lens
  • Wide angle lens
  • Lensbaby mobile lenses LM10, LM20 and LM30

People see all these products and results of others online and want that too. But where do you start? Which one do you buy? Well that’s depend what you normally photographing. And what is the result you are looking for?

I will try to explain how to start this. First at all you really need to start with a basic lens. And that is the lens where you can put your optics on. That the basic will stay all the time and you don’t need to buy it every time you want a new optic.

The basics are the Composer pro, Composer pro 2, Spark, Muse, Control freak and Scout. The Basic lenses that you can buy at the moment are the Spark and the 2 Composer pro’s. The other optics aren’t available anymore. They stopped producing these in the past years.  

Which one should you choose? Well the Composer Pro’s are the ones that the most of us Lensbaby photographer has. 

But if you are still doubting about Lensbaby or you don’t have enough money to spend I would buy the Spark. It’s a perfect lens to start with. There is only one thing that you should know before you decide to buy the Spark. The Sparks is a squeeze lens. That means you have to tilt and squeeze the lens to get a focus point / sweet spot. You can’t let it loose before you took the photo. And because the Spark is a kind of “accordion” there are some optics that are a bit too heavy for it. That are the Sweet35, Sweet50, Edge80 and Edge50. These optics are heavier than the Double Glass, Soft Focus, Single Glass, Pinhole and Plastic. So getting a sweet spot is a bit more tricky and difficult with the Sweets and the Edges. But if you practice a lot and you find your way to use it, this lens is amazing! 

The Composer pro on the other hand is different with the tilting. It’s different system and if you find your sweet spot than you don’t have to squeeze anymore. You can put your hands off the lens during shooting after you find your sweet spot / focus point. It’s easier and user friendlier in my eyes. But the spark is a lovely challenge.

After you choose your Basic lens you need to choose your optic. There are a lot of different optics and it is the best to pick one that give you the result that you want and can use in your normal photography. As example if you are a portrait photographer you choose an optic or lens that fits in your portraits.
On you can find all the results of all optics and lenses.

On the Lensbaby shop you can find your first Lensbaby. There are lovely sets and of course you can buy it also all separately from each other.
Lensbaby has 2 lenses without all these swap optics. The Velvet56 and the Circular Fisheye.
The Velvet56 is a 56 mm lens with a dreamy hazy result on your photos. It’s a perfect portrait and macro lens. For these kind of photographers is this lens a must have!
The Circular Fisheye is a funny art lens to work with. The 185 degree view of field is amazing and you can go crazy all the way.

If you need more help or are you still having questions, just ask or join the Facebookgroup Lensbaby Support group