Thursday, November 17, 2016

Annual Photos and Artistic Evolution

For the past three years, as the leaves turned and the nights became crisp, I planned a holiday photo session for my daughter. It was, and still is, a happy ritual for me. I love the cozy joy of holiday photos- something to look forward to as the cold approaches (I'm a warm weather kind of person, so I have to keep my morale up!)

But these sessions serve an unintended purpose. Whenever I doubt whether or not my photography has evolved, I pull up two photos and view them side by side: my most recent shot and one taken around the same time the previous year. Not only can I see how much my daughter changed (and which parts of her stayed the same), but I see own photography journey unfold before my eyes. When I felt lost I instinctively went back to the beginning...I looked at my first photos and saw which elements carried over to my more recent work...and, alas, there I was! 

Below are collages of those sessions, and seeing them all together is bittersweet for me. First of all, when did my baby become so big?! Secondly, I observed how much my photography, like my daughter, has grown. My technical knowledge and editing style have evolved, but I would like to think a little piece of me is present in each photograph, no matter how different they may appear. 

I've heard it said many times that photographers shouldn't compare their work to others, and that's surely sound advice. But it has been inspiring and rewarding to compare me against myself...and if nothing else, I had a few good laughs at my own expense! 

Fall 2014

Fall 2015

Fall 2016


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