Friday, October 14, 2016

Introducing A New Inspirer, Sarah Vorva of Wanderlust Exposures

Hello Artists!

My name is Sarah Vorva and I am your new Artistic Soul Inspirer . 

T H E   P H O T O G R A P H E R   S E L F 

I am Wanderlust Exposures, formally Beachi Keen Photography, in the great state of Oklahoma. I started my photography journey young, but didn't pursue it business-wise until 2014 while I lived on Oahu. I love shooting children, births and weddings. They all have a special place in my heart and creative side. I love clean images with a touch of film look and have more of a documentary-based eye. 

T  H E     C A R E E R    S E L F 

Most of us in the photography world balance both a daytime job and photography in which I do the same. We all have that dream of being a full-time photographer which I truly believe we can all achieve. Currently, I am a Licensed Profession Counselor Candidate who will be licensed in Feb 2017. 

T H E     P E R S O N A L    S E L F 

I am a laidback person and spend my time playing strategic board games (not-like WOW), reading about how to market and be a better photographer, swimming in the summer and playing with my fur-babies (Westie and Domestic Short Hair).  I am a veteran's wife, a traveler and a free-spirit. I believe in God and thankful for everything that I have been given in life. 

My favorite portraits of Jon and I done in Hawaii by the lovely Hailey Faria Photography

Some of my personal favorites from Wanderlust Exposures


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