Monday, October 24, 2016

Introducing a New Inspirer, Alicia Moss

Hello everyone, I am very happy to be introducing myself to you all! I'm a hobbyist lifestyle photographer who shoots almost exclusively in natural light. Like many others, my photography journey began as both an artistic outlet and a way to document the things I loved or found beautiful. When I gave birth to our daughter I suddenly had this adorable little stranger in my life and I couldn't learn enough about my camera! (among a million other things...)

My objective was to capture those fleeting baby moments for myself (and the obligatory embarrassing bath photos), but I also wanted to leave something behind for my daughter- It's my hope that she'll look back on the these photos and see the magical in the mundane...because really those simple moments, the subtleties of life, are intensely beautiful. Producing the images as I saw them in my mind and heart took a lot of technical practice, crash courses online, and A LOT of mistakes! I'm still learning everyday, and I don't think that will ever change. 

When I'm not behind the camera I'm constantly chasing after our toddler and a Dachshund (although I'm always doing that from behind the camera as well!). My husband of four years is my sanity- he puts up with the random lenses, balls of yarn (I knit many projects at once), and art supplies randomly scattered throughout the house. We recently relocated to Virginia from New Jersey, and I'm very excited to be documenting our new adventures. 

I wanted end my introduction by expressing what art means to me and why I want to contribute to The Artistic Soul. The  creation of art, whatever it may be, is the process of projecting your inner self outward.  Baring our souls through visual expression creates a sense of vulnerability; sometimes things will get lost in translation and we may feel misunderstood or rejected. Will our inner voice be appreciated? Will our work resonate with others? I've struggled greatly with these thoughts, which is why I want to contribute to a community built upon inspiration. To me, inspiration is the force that pushes us past insecurity and out of artistic ruts. Through inspiring one another we will not only strengthen our confidence as artists, but learn to express ourselves in new and exciting ways! 

These are a few of my recent favorites