Monday, May 16, 2016

Artistic Challenge #6 {Artistic Passion}

Artistic Challenge #5 {Artistic Passion}

For those that are just chiming into our challenges; Let us explain our purpose. Simply put, we are exploring creative ways, to not only inspire you, but challenge your comfort zone. 

The last challenge requested that we focus on evolution. This challenge our contemplations will share artistic versions of what we desire or display the option with the subject. Are you shooting passionate subjects? Do they ignite the photography fire within? How about, does your subject put passion into your work? We want see your interpretations. Have fun, go wild...get FIRED up!

Artistic Passion

strong and barely controllable emotion.
"a man of impetuous passion"

(Sited from:

The Challenge: 

For our this challenge, we would like to see your passions unfold. Pick up those cameras and get those creative juices flowing. There's nothing more inspiring artists sharing their uniqueness and emotion. We can't wait to see what you create! <3

The Guidelines:

We inspire and support! Please keep your comments positive and kind. <3
Each challenge we launch will go on approximately 2 weeks. Mobile photography is not only accepted, but encouraged. :) 

The Inspiration:

Patrick Tomasso

Lukas Budimaier


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Recent May inspiration: by Oobaloos Photography is here!!. Please check them out. <3

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