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Interview with Radhika P. Photography

Interview with Radhika P. Photography

I met Radhika a few years back on Facebook and follow her work since that moment. I felt in love with her lifestyle and travel photo's and it's a honour for me to do a interview with her. 

I asked Radhika a few questions and hope you will enjoy this interview.

Thank you Radhika for taken the time and send us a few photos. 

Who are you, where do you live and what dos photography means for you?
Hello! My name is Radhika. I live in Northeren Virginia 20min from DC. I am a Web Developer and a Photographer.

Tell us a little bit about your trip to India
We went to Hyderabad, India last year to visit my family and friends and we also got a chance to visit few other places while we were there. We went to my grandparents farm. Kids had a blast there. We also visited Goa - A state in West coast of India.

Which camera and lenses did you take with you on the trip? And why did you choose these lenses?
I took my Nikon 50mm 1.4f as it is versatile lens. I also took couple of my favorite lensbaby lenses for street photography, Composer pro with Edge80 and Circular Fish Eye.

Was it different for you to photograph there instead of at home? 
When I am at home, I mostly photograph my kids around the house. But there, I got to take pictures of people I did not know. It was a totally a different experience. I also got to photograph very pretty places in different lighting conditions.

Before you left for your trip did you had ideas that you really wanted to capture and did you succeed?
I wanted to do street photography and also take pics of my kids. I had so many great opportunities to take pictures during the trip. I am so happy with the pictures I took.

Which country is on your wishlist to go and photograph in the future?
Next on my list is Thailand. 

Radhika wrote a few blogs from her trip to India

India Trip - Part 1

If you want to see more of Radhika's gorgeous work visite her Facebookpage

Interview taken by Chantal van den Dool
Photo's by Radhika P. Photography


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