Monday, April 11, 2016

Interview with Pictured Moments by April

  We are thrilled to bring you another photographer interview today, with the very talented April Humphrey with Pictured Moments by April. April, thank you for joining us this month and for taking the time to answer our questions! We are super excited to learn more about you and your photography. 

Tell us about yourself, where do you call home? 

  I was born and raised in Vero Beach, Florida where I met my husband of 13 years. He's active duty in the Army, so we are a military family currently stationed at Fort Campbell, KY.  We live on the Tennessee side of the Army post though, in Clarksville, TN.  We have an 8 year old little girl, Kylie, who is the light of our lives. She keeps us laughing every day!

Why did you choose to focus on newborn and baby photography? 

  I've been a photography lover for over 20 years, I learned on my Daddy's Canon AE-1 back when editing consisted of dodging and burning in the darkroom.  When I decided to pursue this as a business 5 years ago, I dabbled in all sorts of genres just to see where my heart was and every time the baby sessions were my favorites.  That one on one time with just me and a brand new, delicate, newborn was truly relaxing and therapeutic to me.  The new life, the quiet time, the patience, the slower pace and no sense of urgency, the flexibility... all of those things add to what I love most about my time with my newborn clients.  I'm a very laid back, patient, go with the flow kind of person and I think that energy really works well with the nature of newborn sessions as well.  The babies always humble me too, they're a constant reminder of how fast time flies, how quickly they all grow up and how easily we can take that for granted if we're not continually making a conscious effort to remember those fleeting moments.

 What is your best tip at getting babies to sleep?

   Just like you and me, babies are all so very different.  Some love to be swaddled, some want to be rocked.  Others need to soothe themselves to sleep nursing or with a pacifier and some prefer a soft little pat pat pat on the tushie until they're out for the count.  Some want to be upright in a carseat or swing, some need to be on their backs or their bellies... some love to be held and touched, some want to be left alone.  I could go on and on and onnnnnn....  The single common thing I've noticed that works with all babies no matter what though is a positive, relaxed, patient energy.  I truly believe they pick up on tension, stress and anxiety, which can easily change the whole dynamic of a session.  I try to always make the extra effort to ensure parents they have nothing to stress about during our session.  It seems to make a big difference for me. 

What resources would you recommend for a new photographer interested in newborn photography?

  I highly recommend an in person newborn photography workshop for anyone wanting to jump into this part of our industry.  There are so many really amazing, talented, professional newborn photographers that I admire that offer these, it would be hard for me to pick favorites. I would choose someone who ran a successful newborn business prior to taking on teaching though, and I would choose someone that has years in newborn photography experience versus someone that took a workshop and turned around and started teaching right away.  I think that many tips and tricks can be learned for free via CreativeLive, ClickinMoms, YouTube, and various other forums and blogs, however, nothing beats the in-person, hands on learning of the proper posing and safety precautions required as a baby photographer.  I'm a member of the forum and have found many wonderful resources there as well.  I don't think the learning ever ends either - it's important to me to continue to grow as much as I can. I did the Online Newborn Retreat workshop this past winter, I have Meg Bitton's Souls Imagined workshop in Nashville this weekend and I'm heading to The Baby Summit in Atlanta in October.

Honestly, how long does a typical newborn session, from start to finish take?

 Oh gosh... mine is probably high.  I think from the minute a client inquires with me all the way through to when the products and images are delivered to the client and the session is posted for marketing, my average is 15 hours total investment.

What inspires you? 

  My daughter, sunlight, music, my faith, coffee, love stories, new life, endless other amazing artists, a soldier's sacrifice, raw emotion, child-like innocence, my husband's selflessness, hot bubble baths, baby giggles, brokenness, salt water air, wildflowers, flaws, a rainbow after a storm, agape love, my mother's strength, and the artist inside my Dad that hasn't had a chance to really live yet.  

 What has been your best client generator? (social media, word of mouth etc...) 

 Word of mouth.  Hands down.  I realized a few years back that I could invest in conventional marketing methods and I could invest the same amount in people - clients, fans, supportive friends & family, and the latter would produce ten times the return every time.

What are a couple of your favorite photographers? Why? 

 There are so many!  My favorite newborn photographers are probably Luisa Dunn, Susan Scott and Amy McDaniel.  They're completely different in style but they all inspire me tremendously with their work, which has a direct impact on my newborn work, in my opinion.  Meg Bitton has been an amazing mentor to me over the years and although I don't specialize in children's portraiture, she pushes me to dig deeper and she inspires me to create beautiful images of my daughter.

 What's in your camera bag?

  I shoot with a Canon 6D and my Sigma 35Art for my newborn sessions.  I have a Canon 135 f2 and the Canon 70-200 2.8 as well.  I guess I'm a bit of a gear minimalist now that I think about it.

Fun Questions! 

What three words would your best friends use to describe you? 

   Ok, if I'm being honest here, I think they would all say that I'm late.  Always. haha!  I think they'd say I'm funny, and hopefully they think I have a big heart.

 If you were stranded on an island and could only bring one thing what would that be and why?

  I was going to say my camera because can you imagine the gorgeous shots you'd get stranded on an island??  Then I changed my mind and decided on my phone - because I can totally take some gorgeous iPhone shots (thank you Sarah Cornish) and then when I'm all finished being a gypsy soul on a deserted island I could call for a ride back home.  

What's your favorite book?

  I'm fascinated by people - I find their unique stories and history fascinating, inspiring and humbling.  Brandon Stanton's "Humans of New York:  Stories" is a current favorite of mine.

 Where can I find you?

 My website is:

       Periscope:        @picturedmoments
Thank You again April! 
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