Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Starting and finishing of a successful 365 project

Starting and finishing of a successful 365 project

Sometimes you get stuck and don't know what to do with your photography. Or you just bought your first DSLR camera and want to learn how to use it. Two perfect reasons to start a 365 Project! 365 days every day one photo! 365 days sounds long and I can tell you it is a long journey and yes it isn't easy at all. The first weeks are great but after a while there is that day that you really don't know what to photograph that day. All the ideas, all the fantastic ideas are gone, your head is empty and you don't know what to do. So you want to quit! NO! Never never quit you 365 project. I started my first 365 project on November 1st 2013 and I'm still doing a 365 project now. Here are some tips for you that helped me a lot. I'm still having benefit from it.

Search on social media for a support group
There are like on Facebook and Flickr amazing groups with people that are doing the same project as you. I'm also in a group and the love, the support and the encouragement is amazing. Other photographers, professional and hobbyists are willing to help you to succeed the 365 project. Posting every day your photo and get so much reactions on it helped me to finish my first 365!

Don't leave the house without your camera
I know it sounds weird but do it! Take your camera with you everywhere you go. There is always and everywhere a great view, object or people to photograph. You can't finish your project if you just photograph at home. You need other environments and inspirations. So from now on never leave the house without camera!

Make a list with themes at the beginning of the month... or week, whatever works the best for you. And try to stick on the list that you made the spring you can make a great list with sunset, sunrise, blossom and flowers on it. With the holidays you can make photos of Christmas balls, trees, snowflakes, Christmas cookies and so on. You can also do a color theme, every week or month a different color. And maybe a real challenge is using the same lens the whole 365.

Try something new you never did before
There are so many ways to photograph, like double exposure. I never heard of it before I did the first 365. I saw it and I knew right away I have to try it. So I did, and of course it was a big drama and a huge failure the first time but who cares?! You are trying and learning. So why shouldn't you do it in your own 365.

Don't be perfect
Your photos don't have to be the bomb! They don't have to win every contest. The only thing that matters is that you had your camera in your hand and that you learned something and most of all that you had fun. 

Don't panic if you missed a day
I think I will speak now for everyone that did a 365 project or is doing one. There will be a day in your 365 that you are way too busy or maybe feeling sick and you can't photograph. Or its evening and you remembered very late that you forgot to photograph that day. Don't freak out! I'm sure you still have plenty of photos on your computer that you can use for such moments. Use one of these and don't worry about it. Everyone does it.

Find inspiration
Still don't know what to shoot? Go and search on Pinterest and Flickr for ideas. Pinterest is really an awesome social media source to find great creative photos and lovely ideas.

Find your own style
The 365 project is also a good possibility to find your own style. What you love and what you're good at. Try all kind of photography and search for your own style. Did you find it? That’s awesome, try to bring it on a higher level. You have 365 days the time to do it!

It's your project
You will do this for yourself, not for others. And not to compare with others.

And most of all.... Have fun!

Good luck with your 365 project!

Text and Images: Chantal van den Dool


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