Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Artistic Challenge #4: {Growth}

WHOA! Here we are on Challenge #5! How do you feel? Although things have been a bit rocky for us behind the scenes recently, (meaning, life is happening) we feel great about the type of inspiration we are spreading and the growth we see in our community and Artsies. We are very grateful for your continued support and participation. We exist because of you. *muah*. With the mushy stuff out of the way...let's jump into the next challenge! HOORAY!

It's very appropriate for the time of year and can mean so many different things, depending on how the word resonates with you. For some, growth will signify nature, others their family or even photograph skill.

  1.    1the process of increasing in physical size. "the upward growth of plants"
    synonyms:developmentmaturation, growing, germination, sprouting;
    blooming "the growth of plants"
  2. 2something that has grown or is growing. "a day's growth of unshaven stubble on his chin"

(Sited from: Google.com)

Photo by: Brooke Cagle

Photo by: Jeremy Thomas
Photo by: The Artistic Soul

Photo by: Rodion Kutsaev

Photo by: Sharleen Mey Photography


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