Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Top Featured Photographers For Artistic Challenge #2: {Anomalous} Selected by Guest Judge: TBD Photography

Top Featured Photographers For Artistic Challenge #2: {Anomalous} 
Selected by Guest Judge: TBD Photography

About the Judge:

There is nothing worse than having the creative mind meet a point that it begins to stagnate. That was me several months ago. One day I turned away from the computer, where I had been editing away the day, and just sat observing the tiny people who hold my heart, each of them unique and special in their own way. It was while watching them interacting with each other, their toys…the world around them, that I started asking myself what it was that made them so happy…full of life. That’s when I got down on their level to see their point-of-view and through my lens art began to flourish again. My photography encompasses what I am passionate about in my life:  design/architecture, the adventures I’ve been on across Europe, and most importantly, my family.

 ~ Danielle Cobb, TBD Photography

Guest Judge Inspiration:

Top Featured Photographers for
Artistic Challenge #2: {Anomalous}

EyeJourney Photographic Art

{Anomalous} Forks.

Angel Whisper Photography

This is the first pig I have photographed. It was totally outside my comfort zone and felt great! 
I didn't show his face because he's Amish. (No disrespect to the Amish. Even the Amish farm owner thought it was funny)

RJN Photography

{anomalous} finding beauty in something dead and "ugly"

Dana Walton- at eight photography

{my first attempt at motion blur}

Applewood Photography

I've never in my life photographed an egg. I feel like eggs get photographed a lot, that they have this strange beauty to them. But this is my first time trying my hand at it, and I kind of dig it.
Light & Soul

ANOMALOUS (First time photographing pencils)

Jessica Wynder Photography

Captured By Carrie Photography & Product Shop

Anomalous - I never photographed (or even saw!) Snails with their heads out of their shells before! That was fun to enter their little world on blades of grass with dewdrops via my new Macro lens!

Alicia Nicole Wopereis Fine Art & Photography

I think as a photographer, we always expect to be 'behind' the camera, and never in the photo. Here's a glimpse into my everyday life...something you wouldn't think to photograph. The never-ending task of dishes!
Jessica Byrum - Photographer

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