Thursday, February 4, 2016

Letters From Home Photography

   I am so excited that I got to interview Kimberly Vega with Letters From Home Photography. I thought it was super fitting to interview a Bombshell Photographer with Valentine's Day right around the corner! The way that she captures each woman is absolutely breathtaking, and I'm so excited to share her photography with you all.

Thank you so much for giving us your time -Brittany 

 Where do you call home?  

  Monterey, California 


Your business name is so unique, how did you come up with it? What's the story?

   As a military spouse I started shooting mostly for other spouses who were sending their images downrange. These "Letters From Home" were always something special they were doing once in a lifetime and they would keep tucked away forever with all the other letters they exchanged during this time of war. The letters that spouses would send their service member would tell about their everyday activities, secret dreams and desires, hopes for the future and of course a little spice now and then; this was exactly what I wanted to capture with my photography. I wanted to show the woman gorgeous doing her everyday activities, let her see herself as she has secretly always dreamed to be, give her the confidence that will shape her future and of course throw in a little spice!

 What inspires you? 

  As artists, don't we ask ourselves this all the time and doesn't it always change? I am inspired by historic stories of strong women, those that pushed the world to see how amazing they are. I'm also inspired by the visual expression of emotion I see from other artists, especially dancers and painters. I could go to an art gallery for hours at a time but my painting skills are lacking so I try to capture the same emotion through posing others.

 Why Bombshells? 

  I believe that bringing out what is inside a woman is the best gift she can ever give herself. We don't celebrate ourselves enough as a culture, it is considered narcissistic or excess to celebrate our own beauty, but that is wrong! We are deserving of the confidence that a bombshell session brings, we need to celebrate what we are and where we are in our lives. By showing ourselves how individual and beautiful we are we are shedding the weaknesses we tell ourselves, we are able to release a part of ourselves that is true to our heart and builds our strength. Women are strong and beautiful and those two words should always go together.

 If you could live in another era what era would you choose?

   I don't fit well into any era, I'm far too strong minded and stubborn for any vintage time, however I adore vintage fashion. My wardrobe is a modern twist on 1930s and 50s Classic and Hollywood Glamour, but that's only because I would get too odd of looks if I embraced French Garb of the 1770s.

What would be your dream shoot? 

  I would love to do a 1700s Bombshell in an amazing castle boudoir. The layers of the finest fabrics, corsets and laces could tell an entire story. 

What is one piece of advice you wish you were given as a newbie? 

  When you go professional, it isn't an art anymore, it's a business. You need to figure out how to run a business before you officially open your doors, until then shoot for free to learn the art and study hard to learn the business.

What do you say to a woman who makes excuses to why they need to lose weight or have perfect skin before they book a session? 

  Why? Do you think you are going to have more to celebrate about yourself if you go down a size or two? We are always going to find something we don't like about ourselves and that is ok! Being a bombshell is not about being perfect, it is about showing what IS amazing about you and having the chance to play the part that you have always wanted to play. There is always a reason to wait and that won't change. Perfection is not beautiful, I don't shoot models, I shoot real women, plus I move a lot so you may not get this chance with me ever again. 

What can we find in your camera bag? 

  I'm awful at carrying an actual bag, I shoot mostly at my studio or near my house so I don't need much beyond my camera and a white balance card I wear around my neck. When on location I shoot my D700 with my Nikkor 58 1.4 but switch that with my Nikkor 24-70 2.8 when the need arises. Of course I always have 1-2 extra batteries, a flash if I'm headed to an event and a D300 is my backup body.

What is your go to lens? 

My Nikkor 58 1.4

 One word answers...and go! 

Nikon or Canon?    -Nikon
RAW or JPEG?       -RAW
Sunrise or Sunset?  -Sunset
Lightroom or Photoshop? -Lightroom
Prime or Zoom? -Both

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Happy Valentine's Day, and remember to love yourself!  
Thanks again Kimberly Vega. 


  1. Thank you, Brittany, for your wonderful interview with Kimberly. Among her many talents is her ability to see photography as an art form, not just taking pictures. Your article truly captured her spirit!

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