Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Top Featured Photographers for Artistic Challenge #1: {In the Frame} selected by Guest Judge: The Preservationist

Top Featured Photographers for the Artistic Challenge #1: {In the Frame} 
selected by Guest Judge: The Preservationist

About the Judge:

"I've always been a creative person.  As a kid, I remember making things like beaded jewelry, creations out of clay, and baking with my easy bake oven.  I love the process of creating, it reminds me of telling a story.  I took an art class, as an elective in college, not knowing that it would change my life.  It gave me the confidence to pursuit art as a major.  It fueled my passion for creating and it helped me discover a love for photography.  After graduating, I put away my camera until my daughter was born 4 years ago.  Now, I want to preserve every memory I can, so when I'm old and can't remember, it will still feel like I'm there, in that very moment. I want my clients to feel that way too. That's why I do this."
Alicia Gregg, The Preservationist

Top Featured Photographers
Artistic Challenge #1: {In the Frame} Self Portrait

Erica Burns Photography

Daphne Laput Photography

 Applewood Photography

Maria Griner Photography

Lizzy Loo Photography

 Christa Doucette Photography

Doe & Deer photography

Milani Photography

Editor's Choice: 

TBD Photography - Deutschland 

 Jessica Max

The next Artistic Challenge will be announced later today on the blog and Facebook page.  <3 <3 <3


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