Saturday, January 2, 2016

FEATURED ARTIST: That One Girl's Photography

Tell us about yourself and your business:
    I'm Tamsyn smith, owner of That One Girl's Photography (and a hard to remember first name). I knew right away that I wanted to brand myself as a fun & unique business, but standing out isn't easy to do and being remembered is just as difficult.  So, I sought out a business name that matched my vision, and if I'm being honest, "Tamsyn Smith Photography" wasn't cutting it.  After a long list of possibilities, the one I kept going back to was "That One Girl".  As in... that one girl who took our photos... or... who's that one girl you were telling me about?  After hearing the charming nickname my whole life, I decided it was time I owned it... literally. 

Where do you call home:

    Goodlettsville, TN.
 Describe your photography in 2 words:

    Vibrant and playful
 If you could photograph anything in the world what would it be and why?
     My daughter will always be my favorite subject to photograph.  She's not the sit and say "cheese" type, so I tend to sit back and watch curiosity sweep her away, that's when you get the best expressions.  I learn so much from her; right now she's 3 and is always exploring and excited over the silliest things.  Who knows whom she'll grow up to be, but I truly look forward to capturing her every step along the way.  

What's the most important lesson you have learned since becoming a photographer?
    It's a lot of work, especially if you choose to do it professionally, so if you're having trouble with something don't be afraid to ask for help.  There was so much to owning a business that I really wasn't prepared for in the beginning, but I have been blessed to be a part of a large community of local photographers who have lent their personal experiences and advice, I am truly grateful for every word they've shared with me.
 What advice would you give a photographer just starting out: 
  Don't waste your time comparing your artwork to someone else, instead you should always strive to do better than your last image.  Set your goals and push yourself with every opportunity to reach them.  Then, when you've finally accomplished something you never thought you could, pat yourself on the back and make a new goal. 

Do you use Actions/ Presets or free hand edit everything

    I prefer hand editing.  I was already very familiar with Photoshop when I began my business. With that said, I did spend a few months using some actions, and while they were great in helping me create a uniformed workflow, I felt stuck in a comfortable spot and I was getting really bored creating the same image over and over again. I wasn't really pushing myself to learn more when I was relying on actions, so now they just sit on my hard drive unused while I continue exploring what Photoshop is capable of.  

What photographer inspires you the most and why.

    Robin Chavez of Robin Chavez Photography.  She is the reason I got into composite photography. Her artwork is ever evolving, and her imagination has zero boundaries. If you haven't checked out her work, do it!  You won't be disappointed.  And while you're at it, if composite photography is your thing, Jimmy Bui Photography is equally inspirational! 

When did you passion for photography begin?

     Photography has been a passion of mine longer than I can pin point.  I moved around a lot as a child, and before moving my dad would hand me a camera and let me take photos of friends and teachers.  Being the shy kid I was, I would waste hours flipping through all my photo albums of old friends while dreading the task of making new ones (I promise it wasn't as depressing as it sounds). My mother tried her hand at a photography business when I was in my early teens and that's when I received a copy of Photoshop CS2- it changed my world forever.  Fast forward to 2012 when my daughter was born, I invested a lot of time photographing her, she became my muse and I haven't put down the camera since! 

Where would you suggest a new photographer start for help?

Honestly, I'm a self taught photographer and YouTube has proven to be an amazing tool if you know what you're looking for.  Also, don't be afraid to reach out to other photographers, just be careful of how you approach them.  Really think about the questions you're asking; knowing how someone does what they do isn't always as informative as knowing WHY they did it that way in the first place.

What is currently in your camera bag?

Sigma 85mm f/1.4
Nikon 135mm f/2D
Sigma 105mm f/2.8 macro
Nikon 35mm f/1.8

The Questions below are simple one word answers 
Nikon or Canon? - Nikon
Prime or Zoom? -Prime
BW or Color? - Color
Photoshop or Lightroom? -Photoshop 
Sunrise or Sunset? -Sunset

Where can we check out more of your photography

Thank you, Tamsyn Smith with That One Girl's Photography for taking the time to allow us to interview you. 
The Artistic Tog Team 
-Brittany McAnally 


  1. Beautiful pictures!! I love the out of the ordinary pictures, the thought provoking ones and you are able to capture those!! Keep up the great work! It sure helps having a beautiful daughter to capture and a great mother-in-law who is so proud of you!! How inspiring!

  2. Awesome feature on a wonderful photographer!! I'm such a fan of Tamsyn's work! I think one day we'll be saying "I remember her back when..." ;)

  3. I love your photography, especially the one with "SweetGirl" telling the tiger stories. I wonder what she was telling him to make him laugh.