Thursday, January 7, 2016

Artist Challenge #1: {In the Frame}

The Artistic Tog: Artist Challenge #1: {In the Frame}

The Lesson: 

Art is the expression of our creative imaginations and feelings. As photographers, we send messages of what interests us and our passions through our photos every day. It really takes skill, creativity, confidence, and courage to click that shutter when the lens is pointed the other direction. Let's step out of our comfort zones. This year the AT's focus is creating connections and growing artists. We hope you're up for the challenge!

The Challenge: 

Use this opportunity to share something about you as an artist with our community. If you are comfortable with self portraits, try an unconventional one to help challenge your creativity. Post up 2 watermarked self portraits using {In the Frame} to our Facebook page wall. Use a short description to caption your image as it will reveal something about you as an artist.

The Guidelines:

We inspire and support! Please keep your comments positive and kind. <3
Each challenge we launch will go on approximately 2 weeks. Guest Judges will be invited, occasionally, to choose their favorites. Mobile photography is not only accepted, but encouraged. :) 

The Inspiration:

{In the Frame - mobile}
I absolutely love yoga in the sunrise! <3

{In the Frame}
I admire the beauty of nature, daily. <3

We can't wait to see your submissions.


  1. I'm so excited for this! Love your {In the Frame} portraits, Shay!