Tuesday, October 13, 2015

New Weekly Motif {Flare} featuring Guest Judge: Brandie Ann Photography

New Weekly Weekly Motif {Flare} Featuring Guest Judge:
 Brandie Ann Photography

 Meet the Judge:
Hi everybody! I'm Brandie, of Brandie Ann Photography, and this is my very first guest judging spot. Hopefully everyone has a lot of fun with the flare theme. Sun and lens flares and bright colors are two of my favorite things in photography right now.

A little bit about me: I'm a homeschooling, SAHM of two boys who hate the camera. I actually have a disability that affects my ability to walk, so I shoot from a wheelchair. The awesome thing about photography is that if you're willing to look around and find the light, it doesn't matter what your physical ability is; you can still be an artist.

A little bit about my journey: for three years, I tried unsuccessfully to run a photography business. When I realized that running a business just isn't for everybody, and especially not for me, I made the best decision possible and went back to being a hobbyist. This year has been amazing as I've gotten to really just work on the art of photography, and shoot whoever decides to come my way.

I started out on a Canon Rebel, like quite a few other photographers, and now I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark ii. My go-to lenses are the 50mm 1.4, 20mm 2.0, and 70-200mm 4.0L. I mainly photograph children and families, but the occasional scenery will catch my eye as well.

Artist Inspiration:

This should be an amazing week for some artistic photos. I can't wait to see all the gorgeous flares you share with me! Thanks for having me as a guest, The Artistic Tog!


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