Monday, September 28, 2015

New Weekly Motif {Landscape} Featuring Guest Judge: EyeJourney Photographic Art

New Weekly Weekly Motif {Landscape} Featuring Guest Judge:
EyeJourney Photographic Art

Meet the Judge:

My name is Whitney Monaghan.  I was born and raised in Lancaster County, PA.  I am primarily a landscape photographer.  I purchased my first DSLR in the Spring of 2014.  It was a Nikon D3100, I now have a D7100.  My love of photography began at a young age.  In truth though, I began to posture my technique and strengthen my eye, thanks to my first iPhone.  I had had other camera phones, but the iPhone offered a much better technical ability.  I know it sounds a bit silly.  Although, here's why I am a big fan of camera (smart) phones: convenience.  Will you lose quality?  Sure.  Although, if you can not access your DSLR quickly enough or don't have it at all, your vision in that very moment may be lost forever.  I also believe you improve with every shot, no matter your tool.  I am certainly not telling you to neglect your beautiful single-lens reflex, just don't ever pass up an opportunity to stop time.

I certainly spend plenty of time with my Nikon also.  I have been very fortunate, and my path as an artist has been blessed with much opportunity.  I have already participated in a Gallery showing as the featured artist, sold my work as a vendor at community events and now have 3 commercial clients (one being a well known dental franchise with 3 offices in my area who have purchased and now display my photo art exclusively in all 3 offices.) I also am now opening my portrait venture, and am building my clientele base.  Sometimes I think to myself, "How did I get here?", and in the next moment I will be whipping my vehicle to the side of the road and laying (rolling around) in the grass, so hungry to capture what I've seen.  Whatever is may be, a sunset, a herd of cattle, even just a lovely shaft of sunlight.  That urgency, that hunger to capture one tiny sliver of time, that's how I got here.  That, and my good ol' iPhone. ~ Whitney

Artist Inspiration

I have chosen {Landscapes} as my motif  Can not wait to see all the beautiful vision!

We don't like rules but we need guidelines:

Post up to 2 watermarked images to our wall by uploading or submitting a url to a photo on the web. Keep you comments positive and inspirational, pretty please with sugar on top. 


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