Sunday, June 28, 2015

New Weekly Motif - {Freestyle} - Featuring Guest Judges: Amanda McQuarrie Photography & Kelsey Smith Photography

New Weekly Motif - {Freestyle} - 
Featuring Guest Judges:

This week's motif has us incredibly excited. {Freestyle} means you have totally artistic freedom to submit any photo you want this week. Let's make this one the best yet. We can't wait to see the submissions! Meet the judges....

The Inspiration:

"Thanks again for letting me be a part of this! There are so many talented artists here and this theme is wide open to creative interpretation. I can't wait to be inspired by all the amazing images I know will be shared!"

~ Amanda

More Inspiration...

"I am so honored to be here this week, especially for such an amazing theme! I love that {Freestyle} is artist's choice as it resonates with me so much lately. I used to struggle trying to give my clients what I thought they wanted. Perfectly posed, smile, happy photos. I have finally started shooting my sessions the way I shoot my personal work, from the heart. It has resulted in the happiest clients and a happy heart for me too. I can't wait to see what everyone submits!"

~ Kelsey


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