Thursday, April 30, 2015

Facebook Tip Thursday | Special Feature {Then and Now}

We didn't have a Facebook Tip Thursday last week, so we decided to treat this one a bit different. Earlier today, we challenged our Facebook Artsies to dig into those archives and show us a comparison image of a time in your past versus some of your recent work. The main reason behind this whole challenge stemmed from a previous blog post by Ashleigh Olson, one of our Recurring Contributors. Check out the blog post: The Self Doubt Blues.

As artists, we need to remind ourselves that the growth is part of the journey and definitely don't let social media likes determine your  present value. 

Here are some (more like ALL) of the artists that took the time to share their reflections with us. We really appreciate all the love, support, and participation from our Artsies. It means the world to us!

Live. Love. Inspire!

Melissa Hines Photography

Holly Nicole Photography

Raine Drop Photography

Ceri Herd Photography

Jordyn Dunne Photography

Andrea Dawn Photography

 Raine Drop Photography

Mountain Pearl Photography

Sherri Davis Photography


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