Saturday, March 28, 2015

Weekly Motif - {Green} - Top 10 Featured Photographers - Featuring Guest Judges: My Three Sons Images & Kelly Akers Photography

This week: The inspiration went from 0-100 (real quick) *in our Drake voice*! We rocked the house with positivity, collaboration, and artistry. Not only did the {Green} images knock our socks off, the artist collaborations were beyond amazing. Photographers reached out to other togs to collaborate with images that have similar photographic elements. It was simply beautiful watching them being posted to our walls! <3

In case you missed it, Ashley Olson Photography shared how she prepares for her Lifestyle Photography sessions and gave us some tips to share with clients. Check it out HERE

Oh, we decided to shake it up a bit, so we invited not one, but two talented judges to choose their Top 10 {Green} images! Without further ado:

Our spectacular Guest Judges this week are: 
Anita from My Three Sons Images and Kelly from Kelly Akers Photography

Here are the images they chose:

Top 10 Featured Artists
Elizabeth Pfaff Photography

Mandy Marie Photography

Katy Vetter Photography

Stephanie Stachowiak Photography

Stephanie Mason Photography

Love Bee Photography

Tracy Jade Photography

Sonia Epple Fotografie

Alison Bridges Photography


Alec Mills Photography
"I couldn't stop staring at this image. There is so much depth to it and I love the framing! It's also emotive..which draws me right in. I want to know more about this girl...why is she smiling, what's her story? Simply beautiful!"

~ Anita, My Three Sons Images

Congratulations to the Winners! 

 The new Weekly Motif is {Before & After}. Remember these themes are not literal. The beauty of artistry is interpretation. We can't wait to see what you come up with. Get creative! Challenge yourself. Share your art for others to become inspired! 

~ The Artistic Tog Team
Live. Love. Inspire! 


We're looking for Guest Contributors for next month! Spring, to us, means a fresh start, new, growth. We would like our Guest Contributor blog posts for April, to reflect these concepts. We are looking for blog posts that show us how far you've come, new gadgets/tips that help you capture those perfect moments, new areas you are exploring in photography, etc. Send us your pitch to and you could be chosen as a Guest Contributor for April. For more info, pm or email us. We'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.

You can post up to 2 watermarked images on our wall (by uploading an image or posting a link to the image url) and the photographs posted must be your original work. Please tag your business page/website and remember to like the page before posting images. We would like to give exposure to the maximum number of talented photographers for one simple reason: INSPIRATION!

We didn't ever expect to grow this fast so soon, therefore it just occurred to us that we may have repeat winners. The winners will continually be chosen by guest judges, not our blog admins. This gives us more diversity in the judging process and also allows our lovely Artsies (our readers/fans) to participate, first hand, in our inspirational movement. In the event there is a repeat winner, you are still given the chance to judge; although what we encourage is for you to pay it forward and pass your guest judge turn to a deserving Artsie that has not yet had the opportunity to become a judge.


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