Sunday, March 22, 2015

Weekly Motif {Green} | Featuring Guest Judges My Three Sons Images & Kelly Akers Photography

Yes, it's a huge title but that's because it's a PRETTY BIG DEAL! We thought we would shake it up a bit and invite another guest judge along side our Weekly Cover {Bokeh} winner: Anita from My Three Sons Images. We decided to invite, the very gifted, Kelly from Kelly Akers Photography. She was the Top 5 Featured Winner of our recent {Bokeh} motif. Together, they pack tons of creativity, inspiration and talent! <3 Our lovely guest judges will be choosing 10 of their favorite images from our weekly motif {Green}.

This week, we need to really #BringIT!

The inspiration:

"Green: the color of life, renewal, nature, energy & new growth" Everyone is so ready to be done with winter that I chose an image of mine that shows new growth...the promise of Spring being around the corner!"
 ~  Anita

"Green has always been my favorite color, even as a child. To me it symbolizes growth and hope for a new season, not just in nature but also in my personal life. I'm so excited to see the submissions this week!"
~ Kelly


Live. Love. Inspire!


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