Saturday, March 14, 2015

Weekly Motif - {Bokeh} - Top 5 Featured Photographers - Featuring Guest Judge: Jen from Mountain Pearl Phoography

Last week: We announced a new monthly feature, which we call, "Editor's Choices". Each month we will go through all the images submitted and pick our favorites. We feel the feature will be a lovely addition to inspiration and wrap up each month with a bang! Click HERE to view February's Monthly Favorites: Editor's Choice. 

This week: The amount of inspiration and the level of talent continues to blow us away! Our community exists, solely, because of artist like you. Week after week, more photographers are joining the contagious inspiration and helping to spread our messages of kindness and positivity.

Weekly Motif - {Bokeh}
Here's a message from our talented Guest Judge:  

"As a photographer who is slightly obsessed with her 85 1.4, bokeh is something that I dream about at night. I was so excited to be the guest judge for this theme, and just as I suspected the talent was off the hook and my job of choosing was oh-so-tough. I had an amazing time this week as The Artistic Tog's guest judge, and can't wait to continue watching this amazing page grow."
 ~ Jen
The winners for {Bokeh} are:

Salty Air Creations

My Three Sons Images

Rubylee Photography

Crystal Raynard Photography

Congratulations to the Winners!
The new Weekly Motif is {Haze Craze}. Get creative. Think out of the box. Share your art for others to become inspired!

- The Artistic Tog Team
Live. Love. Inspire!

Reminders: you can post up to 2 watermarked images on our wall (by uploading an image or posting a link to the image url) and the photographs posted must be your original work. Please tag your business page/website and remember to like the page before posting images. We would like to give exposure to the maximum number of talented photographers for one simple reason: INSPIRATION!
We didn't ever expect to grow this fast so soon, therefore it just occurred to us that we may have repeat winners. The winners will continually be chosen by guest judges, not our blog admins. This gives us more diversity in the judging process and also allows our lovely Artsies (our readers/fans) to participate, first hand, in our inspirational movement. In the event there is a repeat winner, you are still given the chance to judge; although, we encourage you to pay it forward and pass your guest judge turn to a deserving Artsie that has not yet had the opportunity to become one . 
Live. Love. Inspire!


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