Sunday, March 15, 2015

Featured Artist | Mountain Pearl Photography

 The inspiration continues; We happily announce our next: 

Featured Artist | Mountain Pearl Photography

Name: Jen Fredette

Where  are you located? A little town 30 miles west of Missoula, Montana

Tell us about  your photography journey and/or business? When we were pregnant with our third child back in 2010, my husband and I decided to upgrade from a point and shoot, to a DSLR. From there, things just took off. Before I knew it, people were asking me to take their family photos, and next thing I knew I was getting a business license, building a website, and had steady clientele. The whole thing is extremely surreal.

Who/What inspires you? It is definitely my family. My husband, Ray, and our four amazingly beautiful children are my biggest inspirations.

What do you love most about photography? What I love the most is the way I see life. I am constantly finding beauty in the simplest of things- a fallen leaf, dirty feet,  dying flowers. To embody a photographer’s eye is something special.

Describe your  style in two words.
Natural and joyful       

Do you have any special projects:
I am participating in a 365 project. For a while I was great about getting each week’s images onto my blog, but I am in the middle of my final semester of school, so now I am just making sure to take at least one image each day. After May 16th, I’ll have all the time in the world for editing

What’s  in your camera bag?            My Sony a850 full frame, 85 1.4, 50 1.7, 35 1.8, 28 2.8

What are your Top 3 must-haves?
1) 85 1.4
2) My photographer’s eye
3) Something to capture with my camera

Do have any other artistic outlets/hobbies besides photography?

I enjoy writing, but do not do it often enough.

If you could photograph anyone in the world, who would he/she be?

My great-great-great grandparents.  I’ve seen photos of them- they’re absolutely beautiful.

Natural light or artificial?    
100% natural light.

How does photography influence your family or social life?

Thanks to the wonderful world of social media, so many people see my images. Sometimes I got out, and people are raving over an image I recently shared. It’s like the opposite of being star struck- I am in a perpetual state of shock anytime someone tells me they love my images, or that I am their favorite photographer.

What’s your most important artistic tool besides your camera?
It is definitely my eye, and my mind’s ability to see a beautiful image before it is even taken.

What advice would you give to an artist just starting their photography journey?
Do not ever compare yourself to other photographers. Be you. Do your thing. Find your style. Be patient because becoming successful takes time.


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