Sunday, March 8, 2015

Featured Artist | Danielle Kilgore Photography

We are keeping the inspirational flow going and ecstatic to announce our next:

Featured Artist | Danielle Kilgore Photography

Name: Danielle Kilgore

Where are you located? Guelph, Ontario

Tell us about your photography journey and/or business? I started to really focus on photography once my son was born almost 4 years ago. I kind of threw myself into so I made a lot of mistakes. But I am happy I made said mistakes as I wouldn’t be here today because of them.

Who/What inspires you? Anything inspires me. I think I usually hit a wall and get that oh-so-fun self doubt thing going on, then I come out feeling a little bit more inspired. My kids inspire me and seeing so many amazing artists that I follow on Facebook and other forums.

What do you love most about photography? That I am doing it for me and my family and other families that hire me. I make people happy.


Describe your style (if applicable) in two words. Tell us about your specialization, if
I absolutely love black and white imagery. I don’t think I really have a style, I like to keep things minimal and simple and focus on the subject at hand.

What’s in your camera bag? Canon 60D

What are your Top 3 must-­‐haves?
Canon 85mm, Sigma 24-70 and Canon 50mm.

Do have any other artistic outlets/hobbies besides photography? I used to paint but having 2 small children under 4 and now a puppy, I can’t seem to find the time, but I would love to get back into that. I also am addicted to being on my computer or any device for that matter. I LOVE reading.

If you could photograph anyone in the world, who would he/she be? Hm… I don’t really know. Someone with amazing eyes? Radiohead would be pretty awesome or Bonobo…

Natural light or artificial? Both, but mainly natural.

How does photography influence your family or social life? My kids know what I do and cooperate for the most part an are either asking for pictures or running away.

What’s your most important artistic tool besides your camera? Computer

What advice would you give to an artist just starting their photography journey? Try to avoid comparing yourself, everyone has their own separate journey and we are always at different levels of the game.


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