Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Featured Artist | Meagan Dwyer Photography

Featured Artist: Meagan Dwyer Photography

We are so elated to introduce our first Featured Artist, Meagan Dwyer. She was our cover contest winner for {Favorite Color}! We have had many interactions with her over the last few weeks and we know first hand that she is one of the sweetest people that you will ever meet! <3 Get to know more about her as a photographer and artist, in this interview.

Business Name: Meagan Dwyer Photography

Located: Westchester County New York

Tell us about your photography journey and/or business? I started my business a year ago. For years prior I have been told I could be successful as a photographer and that I should start my own business. What did I have to lose so I closed my eyes and jumped. I have along way to go in the business sense. Since I still have little ones at home I am using this time to build my portfolio and learn the ins and outs of the photography business. By the time my kids are in school full time I'd like to be able to make my business a full time job. I made it through my first busy season (fall thru Christmas) with many families. I learned a lot and that I can do this!

Who/What inspires you: My children are my main inspiration. However, once I got involved in the photography world on Facebook there was inspiration all around me. I am very inspired by those photographers around me, both their artistic journey and personal stories.

Describe my style: Open and Real.

In my camera bag: Canon 60D, sigma art 35 1.4, canon 50mm 1.4, canon 85mm 1.8....all prime lenses. I only shoot with the Sigma Art 35mm. Up until I received that lens the 50mm lived on my camera.

Are there other hobbies besides photography? Hahaha! I love to expose my children to different art mediums and famous artists. So this would be something I love to do other than photography. I just introduced my 3 year old to gouache (a form of watercolor). She loves it! I think she will be bummed when she goes to preschool next year, asks for gouache and gets a funny look.

If I could photograph anyone: my children's children. God willing.

Natural light or artificial? Natural light all the way!

How does photography influence my personal and social life? Well, my camera goes EVERYWHERE....yes, everywhere (food store, walk to the bus stop, etc). The worst feeling is seeing a moment or object to photograph and not having your camera on hand. I love to meet up with other photographers and I take my kids places where I know there will be photo opportunities. I do think it is important to keep the camera in the bag every now and again to be fully present in the moment. But even when it is out I really feel like i'm right there enjoying the moment with them.

Most important artistic tool beside the camera: my imagination. I think about a photo I'd like to take, or a particular moment I'd like to capture. I play with it in my mind so when the moment presents itself I can see it before it happens and I'm ready to create some art.

Advice for a newbie artist: Photograph something everyday. Know your camera inside and out. It doesn't matter what kind of camera you have on hand at the moment. Learn your camera to the point that the reason you need a new camera is because your current one limits you in someway. It's very easy to want the best of everything. Learn how to use your camera in manual mode. Know light and how your camera captures it. Look at light everywhere you go and study it (note: you will get funny looks, just tell people your an artist and they stop looking...hahah). Allow yourself to be inspired by others. Study the work of the photographers you love. Your style will develop over time and it will change over and over again...don't get frustrated that is part of the process. Creative slumps and feeling like your work is awful is also a common feeling, put the camera down and do something else that inspires you. When you stop thinking about photos, a photo opp will present itself.


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